ÁGNES GERÉB – Legal Fund Campaign


Today, the 5th of October, 2015 we are launching a Legal Fund Campaign, for Dr. Ágnes Geréb to raise the sum of  Euro 11,800 needed to meet legal and medical fees connected with her court cases. The Campaign launch marks the 5th anniversary of Dr. Geréb’s arrest and continued detention. The Campaign will run until, latest, December 21st, 2015.


Before, and throughout these 5 years, Ágnes has constantly had to defend her professional medical actions in various criminal courts, and this will continue until at least 2016.

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Dear Supporters,

It is our pleasant task to declare the campaign now closed for business thanks to the generosity of so many of you in helping us reach our target. Ágnes and the Campaign team have been overwhelmed by the strength of the response we received, and she and we are so very grateful for your kindness. For those of you arriving to the website to donate then you may still wish to consider donating to the work of the Alternatal Foundation (Ágnes is a founding member and their aims are listed on this website) without whose co-operation it would not have been possible to run this Campaign.

The Foundation’s bank details are :

IBAN HU261620019911527808

Many, many thanks
Donal Kerry and Szabolcs Emich
Legal Fund Campaign.
30 Okt 2015

Five years ago today, the Hungarian State took the unprecedented and aggressive step of arresting and imprisoning Dr. Geréb without trial . Why? Because she was an internationally acknowledged defender of the rights of birthing mothers and a threat to the power and income of the Hungarian State obstetrics driven maternity system. Dr. Geréb needs your help to fight for her personal rights, for her freedom for her voice and the voices of Hungarian birthing mothers and midwives.

Court Cases

A breakdown of the 7 active court cases involving Dr. Geréb

Timeline for cases

Projected timelines provided around processing of active cases

Expert Fees

A breakdown of the legal and medical fees connected with the active court cases

Campaign NGO

Information on the Hungarian NGO supporting this campaign

Detention Condition

The current restrictions on movement and work applying to Dr. Geréb

Criminalisation of midwives

Background story to the control of Dr. Geréb, Hungarian midwives and birth mothers