The cases before the court


Dr. Geréb has attended the births of over 3,500 healthy babies at home and in a birth-house prior to her imprisonment and subsequent house arrest in 2010. Before focusing solely on home-births she had attended some 6,500 births at the University of Szeged, Faculty of Medicine, in her position as an obstetrician. This range of experience, over a 17 year period, combined with Dr. Geréb’s pioneering philosophy of supporting undisturbed births at home, has made her Hungary’s most experienced birth attendant and an internationally acclaimed midwife.

Dr. Geréb has only ever had one perinatal homebirth death. This occurred in 2007, where the baby died directly at birth from shoulder dystocia complication. There are two further recorded cases of babies delivered at home who subsequently died. The first occurred in 2000 when the baby died some 14 months later. The second, in 2003 where the baby, a 2nd twin, died 7 months after birth. Statistically speaking, Dr Gereb’s record at delivering healthy babies at homes and in the birth house is far better than that of Hungarian hospitals.

Active court cases (in reverse date order)

Case 1

Post 5th October, 2010. State prosecuton accuse Dr. Geréb of ”quackery”. Prosecutor claimed that Dr. Geréb, during 2007 to 2010, while suspended as an obstetrician continued to practice and received payment for these services from parents who were unaware of her suspension. Dr. Geréb, with the support of the same 200 parents, who were cited in this claim by the prosecution, refuted this charge.

Case 2

5th, October, 2010. Precipitous birth occurred at birthouse where baby born with longterm neurological damage. Dr. Geréb defended her professional actions which the prosecutor claimed were negligent.

Case 3

17, May, 2010. Homebirth of baby born with breathing problem. Baby brought to hospital and breathing problem resolved. Prosecutor claimed Dr. Geréb should not have been in attendance as an obstetrician who was suspended at that time. Dr. Geréb’s defence was that she was there as a midwife. The prosecution also claimed the baby should never have been born at home due to pre-birth hospital examination results which showed the mother was carrying the bacteria streptococcus. Dr. Geréb, corrobrated by the parents, claimed the result of this examination were not available to them prior to the birth.

Case 4

September, 2009. A homebirth progressed until the birthing mothers waters broke and meconium was found to be present. With the birth progressing slowly, even though the baby’s heart rate was good, Dr. Geréb advised caution and considered it best to go to the hospital for the birth. Both Dr. Geréb and the parents were in the hospital an hour and a half prior to the birth. Unfortunately, the baby did not survive the hospital birth. The State proscecutor claimed Dr. Geréb was professionally negligent in the care she provided. Dr. Geréb, with the the parents’ support, refuted this claim.

Case 5

February, 2009. After an incident-free birth in a birth house the parents, for some reason known only to them, decided to register their baby as a birth in their own home. Some months later the parents returned to the birth registration office to say they had made a false statement originally in this matter. The State prosecution claimed Dr. Geréb encouraged and colluded with the parents to provide false information about the birth location. Dr. Geréb denied the charge.
All 5 above court cases were initiated in 2011; guilty verdicts given in 2015; appeals rejected in 2016 and original sentence increased to 1.5 years imprisonment (suspended for 3 years) and suspension from work as a doctor or midwife for 5 years; REFERRAL TO SUPREME COURT UNDERWAY and their ruling expected in first half of 2017.

Case 6

2007, a baby died at birth due to complications arising from the condition of shoulder dystocia.

Case 7

2003 birth of twins and sadly one of the babies died, in 2004, some 7 months after the birth.
Both these court cases were initiated 2008; guilty verdicts of professional negligence were given in 2011; appeals were rejected in 2012 and original sentences increased to 2 years imprisonment and 10 years suspension from working as doctor or midwife; Presidential pardon request started in 2012 and currently remains active and unfinished until the other 5 court cases are completed; these two cases were then re-opened exceptionally in 2016,on foot of new medical opinion supporting Ágnes actions secured from a court approved medical expert; both cases are CURRENTLY RE-TRIALLING IN A SPECIAL COURT. Final verdicts scheduled for January, 2017.
*(The shoulder dystocia birth case also has a separate civil liability court case in progress).