The speculated timeline around active cases

It is very hard to predict when all cases before the court will conclude!

The 5 current cases are in front of the Court of 1st Instance. They all started together in 2013 and are scheduled to be ruled upon on 21st, October, 2015.  Any verdict handed down is expected to be appealed by either the prosecution or defense sides. From our experience of previous appeals one can anticipate the Appeal Court ruling taking from 6 months to a year.

Old case 1 (shoulder dystocia fatality of 2007) will be now fully re-trialed starting in the Court of 1st Instance in December, 2015. At the time of writing it is too difficult to say what length of time it will take to be fully processed by the courts.

Old case 2 (2nd twin fatality of 2004) Presently, it has a guilty verdict handed down in 2012 which has been suspended until the President of Hungary makes a final decision on the clemency request put forward to him by Dr. Geréb and other midwives. He has stated he will not make that decision until all court cases against Dr. Geréb are completed.

In the meantime Dr. Geréb and her legal team will review their position on this case in early 2016.